Monday, December 19, 2011

Flying needles . . .

About a month ago I decided I needed to try to crochet a hat for an infant photo shoot I was doing. I had never worked with a crochet pattern before, and it a learning experience. I posted the finished product on facebook and my brother posted a picture of a viking hat he wanted crocheted. I bought the pattern and decided to work on it for Christmas. That was a tough one! (pattern from Mamachee on Etsy)

Then I received a wonderful gift from a dear blog reader. She contacted me and asked if I would like a few infant sized hats for my photoshoots. What a kind gesture! She sent me a package in the mail of the most adorable infant sized hats and an angry birds hat for my son! Adorable! It was just the inspiration I needed to sit down and make more hats!

I began posting them on facebook and making them for friends! What fun I have had. It has been nice since I cannot get around right now. I have another surgical consult about my broken ankle (the prior surgeon missed something that is causing a MAJOR problem) and have been ordered to stay off it as much as possible. This gives me something to do while I sit on the couch!

Toy Story alien


Angry Bird


My favorite adult size beanie pattern is here. I use this as the base of nearly everything. I learned how to make the balls for eyes and noses here. And the best toddler size beanie pattern is here (except I eliminate the last 4 rows or it tends to be too long)

I taught myself to croceht through YouTube videos and some pointers from my mom a couple years ago. When I came across something in the pattern that I did not know how to do, I simply checked on YouTube and learned the stitch. It was surprisingly easy!