Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dustin update . . .

This weekend was strange. S. T. R. A. N. G. E. A friend came from a couple states away to spend some time with me. Friday, Dustin was having a very bad day. I sent him to bed early before she even arrived. I figured she would not need to put up with his ugliness.

She and I ran a bunch of errands on Saturday and attended an adoption event for a dog we were fostering. When we went home, Dustin and Harrison were playing wonderfully at the dining room table. They were not fighting. They were not yelling. They were not doing anything inappropriate. It continued that way for well over 3 hours. It was amazing.

Now, I must say that they were within eye sight at all times. I was constantly aware of their conversation and making certain that things being said were appropriate. I was still on alert, but it was nice to see them playing well together. I hate that I still have to be so vigilant, but with Dustin's past issues, he has to be supervised at all times. I can calm a bit as the kids get a bit older because they know right from wrong and will not allow certain things, but I am still very careful as he is taller than me and has NO impulse control.

It was a nice break. Today, it continued. there was a bit more bickering, but nothing like normal. Dustin is mild mannered today and quite pleasant to be around. I am savoring it, since I know it will not last. Sigh. We take all positives we can get!

The good mood Dustin was in definitely contributed to my good weekend with my dear friend. It was a nice break all around.

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