Monday, May 30, 2011

Amazing . . .

So, the hubs and I went out this past Saturday. We did not tell the kids and Dustin and McCartney were asleep and in bed before my mom got here. Harrison is our night owl so he was still awake. He is really struggling with the turmoil that Dustin's issues bring so it was nice that he got some one on one time with his nonnie.

She came over with her laptop and Frosty's for her and Harrison at about 9:00pm. We got her online, and showed her how the alarm system that alerts you to when Dustin leaves his bedroom worked and we headed out.

We had a great time watching a friend's band. I am trying to build some business for my photography so I asked if I could shoot some pictures. I am learning how to shoot in low light, but I was pleased with some of the pictures I shot. (tips and critiques are always appreciated)

We returned home shortly after midnight. Dustin had not gotten up one time, which lead me to an amazing plan. This was the first time my husband and I had been out together without children in well over a year. A year people! I have decided that since this worked so well we are going to try to go out once a month. I figured since we had such a great time seeing our friend's band we would try next weekend! Woot! Two times in two weeks . . . unheard of!

I posted a request on facebook today and a friend led me to a young man who is coming next weekend. We shall see if this is a good plan or not. We will only be about 10 minutes from home so if all hell breaks loose we will be fairly close.

Wish me luck!

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