Sunday, April 03, 2011

So far . . .

Of course this post is picture heavy! :)

The trip down to Florida was fairly uneventful. Well, unless you count that our car DVD players died before we even got to Indy. Seriously. One and half hours into our trip and the main source of occupying the kids died. You better believe that we stopped in Anderson and bought new ones!

The roads were horrid. We were in stand still traffic crossing into Kentucky for about 2 hours. There was a crash on the bridge. Then we did okay until Nashville. Once we detoured toward Alabama instead of Georgia things loosened up considerably and we were moving! We got here in really good time. The kids slept awesome.

The first day in Florida was amazing. The weather was awesome and we had a full schedule. We swam in the pool, did grocery shopping, went to the beach. The sun was gorgeous and there was an amazing breeze to keep us cool enough to enjoy the sun. McCartney rarely came out of the water and Dustin run along the beach with his net looking for fish. Harrison dug in the sand and dug in the sand and dug in the sand. They had a blast. They were amazingly well behaved. I could not have asked for a better day from them (Robert was sleeping all day from the drive so mom and I were alone) and it was a MUCH NEEDED break from the crazy!

Now, of course since i said that, today will be nuts. But . . . . it will be nuts in the warnth of Florida!

"Hey mom! I can't find the fish. Have you seen any?" I hear this about 25 times per day. I tell him to go back out and keep looking. Sometimes I tell him that I saw them "over there" pointing away from me because I am rude like that!

And off he goes to find more fish.

A rare moment of cooperation.

Popping bubbles on the beach.

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