Sunday, April 03, 2011

Day 2 (or The Tale of the Prodigal Croc) . . .

The Tale of the Prodigal Croc.

Today we spent some time down at the tourist trap that is John's Pass. It is beautiful down there and we strolled the boardwalk. We got prices on the parasailing and Robert and Harrison may do that later this week. I think he will be traumatized, but we shall see . . .

I forgot to tell you about the missing Croc the other day. When we were leaving the beach we could not find ONE of Dustin's bright orange Crocs. He loves his Crocs. He has a couple different colors and his orange ones at the favorite. We ONLY brought the Crocs and a pair of tennis shoes for the car. We looked everywhere and could not find it.

We spent the evening searching for a pair of shoes that would work for him. He is clumsy so flip flops are out and I really did not want to spend money on another pair of Crocs down here. I was dejected. We finally found a pair of flip flops on clearance at Kohls that worked for the pinch we were in. Today after wearing them for only 1 hour they tore up the tops of his feet because of the way he was holding his feet to keep them on. (He had no idea he had gaping sores onthe top of his feet because he has lessened pain receptors) I found him a pair of plastic slides that worked for him down at John's Pass for under $10.

Tonight we walked on the beach at sunset and I jokingly said to look for the Croc. I did not think we would find it. The beach was very empty this evening, but I am sure it was packed today! Lo and behold, we walked onto the beach and about 100 yards away, sitting all by his lonesome was a large orange Croc! It was hysterical! Dustin exclaimed, "My CROC!" and went running!

Thrilled as punch to get his Croc back! It was like he found a long lost friend. . . okay, he did!

Ready for the beach at sunset ( What? you don't bring a net to watch the sunset?)

Doing his version of the back stroke.

Looking for fish yet again.

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Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Oh my gosh that is SO funny! I can't believe he found the croc! Awesome!

Looks like you all are having a great time. Wish I was there, lol!