Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankful Day 16 . . .

Today I am thankful for men who actually take women seriously.

We had a small issue at work today. I work for a daycare that is in very large church, the largest in our city. Today there was an auction at a house directly across the street from our property. A LOT of people turned out and began parking wherever they pleased. I had no issue with them in our lot, but they were parking all willy-nilly and not even in parking spaces. Everyone was gone today, so I was kinda in charge. I went over to the auction and found the auctioneers. I explained that I was so very sorry, but those not in spaces would have to move so that the buses that drop children off at the daycare would be able to get through. He said, "It'll be fine". I explained it was indeed not fine and they needed to move.

I went back over to our lot and stood in three prime spaces that the buses needed to swing around in our lot. The people began walking over to move their cars. I was well aware that at this point I was the "face of the church" and I really needed to be kind. As they got in their cars, I apologized and directed them farther down the lot where they were welcome to park. As they walked back passed me I thanked them for their kindness. Not everyone was as kind to me. In fact, most were quite rude. Two men told me that where they were parked was fine and they were not moving. I told them they were parked illegally and they had to move. They argued, I smiled and held firm and they hollered and argued and eventually moved. They walked past me grumbling and mumbling expletives, "Damn Women!" was my favorite.

I had to continue to stand out their in my prime spaces because newcomers kept coming and parking in the places that I had just scooted others out of. Seriously people. Do you think you can just make up parking spaces? One man hollered about having to move his truck that was actually parked in the traffic lane facing the wrong direction. His argument? There was not a NO PARKING sign posted. Really dude? Really?

I kept getting the distinct impression that I would not have been treated the way I was treated had I been a male.

Yesterday I frequented a local establishment to check into purchasing a very expensive home surveillance system and the man who was there treated me like I was a child. I informed him that I had done my homework and pretty much understood the systems and done a lot of research on line and that I wanted to give a local business my money instead of the internet, but he still treated me like an idiot. He kept calling me "little lady" and "hun" and "lil darling". It was extremely condescending. A lot of the stuff he told me I knew was completely false and he was trying to get me to spend more for less options. There is no way in Hades that I would give my man my money.

Thankfully these two examples, although close together, are few and far between. Men that take women seriously and don't make any assumptions as to what they know and don't know simply because of their sex are much more common.


Charlene said...

I kinda like the "damn woman" moniker. I also like bitch. If a ignorant person hollars those words they are woefully lacking of better ajectives.

As to being called "darlin" or some other fake term of endearment, all you have to do is call them an equally fake name. He says, "darlin" and you say "fancy pants."

FosterAbba said...

Your story reminds me of the days back when personal computer systems were expensive. I went into a computer store to buy a PC, and the sales guy was so rude and condescending that I ended up leaving the store empty-handed.

I went to another store where I was treated much better, and spent thousands and thousands of dollars on equipment for my business over the years.

I hate to think how much money the first guy lost due to his sexism.

Missy said...

I HATE when salesmen do that crap! He needed reporting and a smack in the groin...
A nice, kind smack! LOL

Jules said...

Thought you might be interested in this: http://www.truth-out.org/senate-republicans-vote-unanimously-against-bill-to-help-guarantee-fair-pay-for-women65221

Miz Kizzle said...

I used to get that a lot when I was a young attorney. Now I'm well known in the courts and around town and I have a well-practiced Glare of Death and Utter Devastation. Grown men have been known to tremble when they mistakenly mess with me.
Being the representative of a church is a different story. I suppose you have to take the high road and restrain yourself from responding in kind when some dim wit gets all hissy on you for being told to move their car. Calling the cops on them might work next time.