Monday, October 05, 2009

Ho Hum . . .

I am boring. I have not posted anything as of late because I am boring. Dustin's delusions seem to be fading with the increase in medication, but he is not feeling real well. Super constipated . . . he cannot read so I guess I am safe saying something so embarrassing here. . .

Other boring tidbits:

1. I have an addiction to football. Last night I said something to Robert about football and he said, "You watch more football than I do!" Last year I gave him a pillow that said, "We interrupt this marriage for football season". . . too true. Go Bret, squash those Packers!

2. The weather is getting really fall-y here. I love it!

3. The littles are settling into school well. Harrison's teacher appreciates his humor and his gumption. McCartney's teacher is experiencing her never-stopping-mouth, but really seems to like her.

4. I have decided I have crafting ADD. I pick up crocheting last winter and go through yarn like it is water. I made about 6 blankets and 10 scarves, and then I can hardly imagine picking up a needle. I decide I want to sew, I buy a new sewing machine because mine died and I whip up like 10 bags and get burnt out. Then I order this cool glue stuff to make notepads, make like 6 and then burn out. Then I decide I want to make earrings for a fundraiser at daycare and I make like 200 pairs of earrings and never want to look at needle-nose pliers again. Now I think I wanna scrapbook. Lord help us!

I want to do a give away because everyone else does it, but I am afraid no one will enter. I think I am going to work on that this week . . . Hmmmm, what new craft can I pick up to give away?


Linda B said...

What kind of earrings do you make? That might be a cool thing. Or one of your bags! I'd enter. Really I would!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Heeeyyeeeeyyyyy! WTF! We want The Pack to smoosh the barney team. Kick the butt of the gray traitor!
I am sure you must have just been confused. Its ok.

(jk of course)(but I mean it about the Packers winning)

zunzun said...

It amazes me that you can pick up a new craft and turn out stuff that would take a person doing that craft a long time to master. I learned how to sew (somewhat) but making bags still intimadates me. My dad is the same way by the way...I reap the benefits of his ever constant hobby changing and have several stained glass things, books, jewelry, etc., that are all really good or well made (the books was just "access" to them). He gets bored fast I guess.

JR - A Green Eyed Gurl.... said...

I used to teach rubber stamping and scrapbooking. I think you are a natural for scrapbooking with your itch for photography. What I love most about scrapbooking is that it is not only therapeutic, you create a lasting legacy. I have had color copies of many of my pages and created scrapbooks for my kids and family members.

I oversaw the making of a scrapbook for my ex-husband's grandmother for her 80th birthday. (We were still married then). It was absolutely gorgeous. She passed away after we were divorced, but I attended her funeral, and there, front and center was the album. It was a beautiful tribute to her life.

Scrapbooking also became a family time at my home, the kids and I would sit for hours together, work on our books and chat, we still do sometimes.

Sheri said...