Saturday, October 17, 2009

Grandpa . . .

I wrote about my grandpa a while back. He is dying from cancer. We have not been as close as we once were and I had come to terms with that. Today we had a small get together at his girlfriend's grand daughter's house with some of their family, most of ours, and his brother Dick who lives out of state. I really did not want to go. I had a super-migraine when I woke this morning, and I knew that having my kids (especially Dustin) go to an unfamiliar house would be bad news, but I knew that I must. I am so glad that I did. . .

My gramps wouldn't let go of my Uncle Dick.
It meant so much to him that he came.

Gramps and his brother Dick.

My mom and my gramps.

Me and gramps.

I will cherish thes pictures. I will mourn that kids don't even know him well enough to want to take a picture with him, but I will be happy with what I have. I will forget that I was chided for "not being fair" to Dustin by a complete stranger and I will cherish the afternoon I had with Gramps.


Lisa said...

I'm still so sorry about your grandfather. Cancer sucks. BTDT...both grandfathers, 2 aunts, 1 uncle, 1 cousin, another cousin going fast. I'd like to give cancer the finger and a big FU. Yeah...I said it. rant over.

Loved the pics. They are priceless.

Christine said...

Cancer is no fun. I am sorry.