Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh woe is me . . .

Dustin ran out again tonight. That makes 3 times in just over a week. He ran last Friday as well. Friday he stayed close to the house and kept checking back to see if someone was going to chase him. Last weekend he ran and a perfect stranger took off after him after I asked him to stop him on the block over from our house. Tonight he took something he was specifically told he could not have. I caught him. He very unemotionally turned and ran out the door. Robert took his place by the front window and watched. Dustin came back toward the house twice. Then we didn't get a glimpse of him in over 5 minutes.

Robert went down the block to the corner and he saw him up on the River Greenway. We live right near the conflux of 3 rivers. Two rivers surround us and there are long sidewalks where people bike, jog and walk. Robert texted me the direction he wwas heading and he thought we could pin him in if I headed down the Greenway. When I caught up to him he knew hewas pinned and he came down the hill to where the van was with much ado. He was wailing and hollering about going to the hospital and how we don't love him.

The psychiatrist told us at his last appointment that he was to be taken to the local behavior hospital if he ran again. He has ran a dozen timess since. He has an appointment Wednesday so we thought we really needed to not only document the run, but follow through with what the p-doc said.

Robert took Dustin to he hospital. They did all the intake and phoned the doctor who said . . . are you ready for this . . . he didn't need to be admitted.

Are you serious?


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Miz Kizzle said...

What the heck? What did the doctor tell you to take him to the hospital? What were they supposed to do? That doesn't make any sense.
Does Dustin run because he wants you to chase him? Is it an exciting game to him? It's too bad he can't have a PCA. He really needs someone right on top of him all the time.

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