Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday funny . . .

Today I took the day off to run a BUNCH of errands before school starts in 2 weeks. I took Dustin so Robert would have a whole day of peace. Fun time. Fun times. Actually he did pretty well, we went to two different schools to register kids, we went to the bank, car wash to vacuum the car, out to lunch, the BMV, Robert's doctor, the veterinarian and Sam's Club. Whew!

Don't even get me started on the BMV. I was trying to get a handicapped tag for Robert. It is only good for 6 months. I had a paper from the doctor that was dated 8-1-09 and said "to expire on 2-1-09". Of course it was supposed to say 2-1-10. I didn't notice this. The girl checking me in (whose job it is to check to make sure everything is correct before she puts people in the queue) didn't notice it. I stood in line for 25 minutes and sat in the waiting area for 1 hour and 35 minutes waiting to be called. Then a dear sweet young man told me I would have to come back because it was wrong. I nearly cried. Actually I nearly choked the supervisor who had to nerve to ask me if I was checked in. No you stupid woman, I am sitting here for 2 hours without being checked in and my name was randomly called so I decided to come up and get you to piss me off! And guess what? That is just about what I said too. So no pass today and 2 hours of my day ruined. I didn't make it to the grocery before I needed to pick up the kids. But all in all it was productive day.

Anyway, the FUNNY part. . . We were sitting at a stop light heading to Sam's Club. Dustin had been sitting at the BMV listening to BMV-TV for 2 solid hours. This was the conversation. . .

D: Mom, when I get my license I want a fast car.
Me: Dustin, you probably won't ever learn to drive.
D: I already know how, or else I can take a class.
Me: Honey, you have to be able to read and take a written test.
D: Oh. But my friends will have cars.
Me: Maybe.
D: That's okay, I will just get a fast horse.

I nearly busted a gut.

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zunzun said...

The DMV...I rather walk over hot coals...and I'm not too sure I'm joking!

Too funny about the fast horse!