Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dustin, o Dustin . . .

Holy mercy. He is driving me bonkers. I am thrilled that he is going to special needs VBS 4 nights this week, but a change in schedule and an exciting one makes for a nutty boy! Don't get me wrong, I LURVE the fact that he is enjoying himself for 2.5 hours nightly (especially when we don't get any respite, that is a MARVELOUS thing! 10 hours of peace for $10 VBS, woohooo!)

With Robert down for the count with his hip, Dustin' routine is already screwed up. Tuesday morning Robert awoke downstairs at 6:00 AM to the front door open. Dustin was dressed in his VBS shirt and waiting on the porch for his ride that was coming at 6:10 PM! Yikes! 12 hours of, "Is it almost time?" "I think I hear a car." and "She's waiting for me!" I am so glad I was at work or I may have let him walk to VBS! (just kidding)

Tonight is a pizza party at VBS. Do you know how much I have been hearing about that one?

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Lisa said...

A screwed up routine will wreak major havoc. May the force be with you.

BTW: Be sure and update us on the MRI.