Tuesday, February 03, 2009

No answers yet . . .

But, we are headed in the right direction. Robert saw the Orthopedic Doc this morning lets call him Dr. Arrogant or Dr. A for short. Dr. A. has no idea, but is concerned with the amount of pain. they did more detailed X-rays which did show some inflamed arthritis, but not enough for the significant pain he is having. He is sending Robert for an MRI (Thursday) and will see him again on Tuesday next week. He did give him some stronger pain meds (which freak me out*) and said if it is a joint issue he will fix it, if it is soft tissue injury he will have to be referred to someone else.

Dr. A. didn't impress me (much to his dismay) , but I loved the nurses and the staff at this place. Very kind and professional. Robert is disheartened that we do not know anything, but we ARE on a track to figuring it out so that helps. At least someone is listening. He is sad that he will spend his birthday Friday in pain . . . I said, "Maybe you'll spend your birthday high if these drugs work, just like when you turned 18!"

*I have a good friend who was pretty straight laced until he got a hold of some Oxycontin for an injury and became highly addicted. He began holding up pharmacies in our area to supply his and his wife's habit. He was known as the Oxycontin Bandit. This lasted for many months until he was busted in Ohio and is currently serving a 40 year sentence. This was not the kid you would've ever thought would end up in jail. He now s peaks out against the use of Oxycontin due to it's highly addictive nature. Robert did NOT get Oxycontin, but it is a very strong and addictive pain killer. So I freak out!

On a brighter note I am feeling fabulous with one and half days worth of antibiotic in my system! I feel better rested and my throat is only slightly painful today! Yay me!


Lisa said...

So glad you are on the road to answers and feeling better.

I worry about pain meds too and can appreciate your concern.

Patty said...

I am so glad that things have turned a corner for you two.