Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kentucky and OSD . . .

The blue hills of Kentucky are calling our names, maybe that's just Grandy Wanda (as McCartney calls her). We are heading south for the turkey holiday and I have TONS to do to get ready. We haven't ventured to the Bluegrass state since the weekend after last year's Thanksgiving. I look forward to seeing Robert's mom and sister and all the rest of the family. The kids look forward to running around the farm chasing cows and torturing Grandy Wanda's farm cats. My mom has returned from Florida and is taking "the littles" home tonight to play at her house, so maybe I'll get some stuff done.

I am also fretting over a doctor's appointment that McCartney tomorrow morning. She has been complaining about her legs hurting for about 3 weeks. I have brushed it off to "growing pains", but this weekend she was really complaining. (McCartney can run a 103 fever and act like nothing's wrong. She has a pretty high pain tolerance) After I investigated, I found out that what is really hurting her are the front of her thighs up around her hips. McCartney was born with Spina Biffida Occulta and has a visible sacral dimple. We have had MRIs in the past to rule out a smaller opening at the top of her spinal cord and a tethered cord at the bottom. I am however concerned about her hips hurting along with her incontinence that she struggles with. She is a "piddler". Some kids with OSD (occult spinal dysraphism) have issues with due to lack of sensation and don't feel like they have to potty until it is too late. That's my girl. I've never thought it was too big of an issue, but this coupled with leg pain worries me.

Our pediatrician is awesome I adore him. I worry that he will think I'm nuts and she is fine. I also worry that it could be a problem. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.


Angie said...

I'll be thinking of you and McCartney tomorrow. Let us know what is going on. I always get doctor anxiety!

Your trip sounds fun! I wanna chase some cows... Drive safely.

Also, I've tagged you, but don't worry about it if you don't have the time or the patience. :)

Angie said...

Sorry, I forgot you had just been tagged.