Monday, March 20, 2006

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's off to work I go . . .

Monday. Blah!

I hate Mondays! I have this problem being on time. It doesn't matter what time I get up, I cannot get to work on time. If I get up early I get sidetracked doing other things, yet if I could I would lay in bed until noon.

I have so much to do at work. My boss is on vacation and I get to do alot of her work. I do like to be busy at work since it helps the day go by so much faster. We have a huge celebration coming up in April and there is so much to do. I am in caharge of gathering and converting all the music for the program and putting together a slide show with pictures of all the kids with music. I also have to do all the graphic art stuff with promos and programs and signs. I love doing this kind of work, but right now I feel a little swamped. I have to practice with the school-agers and get them to learn their song, take pictures, do the promo, start the advertising . . . . ARGH!

I better get to work . . .

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