Wednesday, September 28, 2005

You have to be kidding me . . .

I spoke to my older son's teacher today. She asked me if I had taken my son to the doctor recently. I asked why and she said, "I think maybe he has allegies." I explained that he hadn't had that issue before. "Well, we're having a problem with mold here at our school." WHAT?? Then she begins to tell me how all the classrooms are damp and they have dehumidifiers in all the rooms. They have found mold in all the classrooms because of this problem. Do you think that if this happened at home, they would criticize me for having an issue at my home. Absolutely. But, since it's at school they want me to take my son to the doctor to see if he has any allergies. HELLO IT'S MOLD! Of course he is having problems with allergies. Sometimes I wonder what they heck school administration is thinking.

A couple weeks ago my son did not get off the bus at his usual time. My husband began to call the transportation department, which was busy over and over. He finally got through and was put on hold for about 15 minutes. By now it was 45 minutes past the time my son should've been home. I finally got through at the school and found out he was still at school waiting for his bus. School had been dismissed 1 hour and 10 minutes earlier. I told hthem not to put my son on the bus and that I would be right there. At this point I should remind you that my son is special needs. He is moderately handicapped and has huge abandonment issues since he was removed from him mother's care at 4 years old and placed in 10 foster care placements in the ensuing 2 years. THIS is the child they leave at school for over 1 hour. I got to school and he was definately a little upset. Why the school didn't call me is beyond me. But trust me, they will next time since they got an ear-full.

On the way home I decide to vent my frustrations to the transportation department. I waited on hold for a supervisor for over 20 minutes. Once he was on the phone, he said, "This must be about Dustin." I said it was and told them how difficult this would be on him and that I found it inexcusable. He said, "What should I do about it." I asked him to guarantee that it wouldn't happen again and tell me that I could rest assured my son would be home as close to the promised time as possible. He said, "Nope can't do that, this is after all a public school" HUH?? I then asked him if he knew what the school would do if I left my child at school for over 1 hour after dismissal. The school corporation policy is to call Child Protective Services since I have abandoned my child at school. HELLO, you did the same thing and you call it okay.

All I ask is that while I place my child in the care of Fort Wayne Community Schools that you do your best to protect my child from things like incompotent bus drivers and oh, I don't know . . . MOLD!

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