Monday, June 18, 2012

Our new normal? . . .

We are a full week into summer vacation and we are all still alive.  For the most part things are even keel around here.  Dustin is doing fairly well and we have fallen into a basic routine.   Dustin and Robert are home all day while the kids and I go to daycare.  One on one Dustin is fairly decent so things go much better. 

Much better in my world is a fair cry from normal in most people's idea. 

We are still on constant supervision and likely will be anytime he is within reach of another person or animal.  He is very impulsive and does not have the ability to make good choices so that will likely not change.  We have some safeguards in place to help us, but in line supervision is our best bet at all times.  

His medications are fairly stable, but we rely on them heavily.  There are no options when it comes to taking medication.  The medications he is on have been the same for at least 3 years.  Any small change in dosage sends us reeling and we quickly head back to what works best. 

Therapy is fairly elusive in our world.  We could use the assistance of someone who can simply "witness" behaviors we see on a daily basis.  The problem is, with his IQ, they cannot justify "talk therapy".  They say that since he is unable to internalize what they are trying to help with, they cannot make progress.  So basically, he will not change so they cannot do therapy.  Nice eh?  We are still trying to find someone who is willing to provide some basic services.

The new diet we have embarked on has made some small impact on his behaviors.  It is not that his behaviors have changed, but they are definitely less intense.  Yesterday he ate some donut holes and last night's behavior was HORRIFIC.  It was obvious that sugar and/or processed food make him much more agitated and whiny.  I think the diet has helped us calm down a bit around here.  As an extra bonus, we no longer have snack food in the house so there is less food to hoard and obsess over. Win-win.

We are still having major issues dealing with the hormones of a 17 year old stuffed into the mind of a 6 year old.  That will always be a problem, and the impulsiveness just makes it all much, much worse.  Once again, in line supervision is really the only good way to keep everyone safe. 

The constant supervision is absolutely tiring.  It is hard, very hard to be vigilant every moment of every day.  But there are glimpses, brief moments where I can enjoy his company.  That is something that was lacking over the last few years.  I am pleased with that small bit of progress. 

I pray that as he grows we will have more small steps toward normal.  I want it for us, but I want it more for him!

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