Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Daily . . .

My blogging has slacked lately and I need to get back on the train in order to keep myself sane.

Life at our home is chaotic right now. Dustin is absolutely bonkers. As his birthday looms and the nasty weather keeps changing, it gets worse and worse. He does not do well with change. He likes his routine. Winter is supposed to be snow and we have had one crazy winter this year. It messes with his head. He is confused and confusion makes him angry. Not a good combo! On a good note, it has either been snowing or really wet from all the rain and melting snow so he has not rain out of the house is a few weeks (you know I just jinxed myself right?) so that is a plus. He did go out into the backyard and sit in the mud in his underwear a couple weeks ago. Good times.

My foot is still massively jacked up. I am 27 weeks post accident and am dealing with a torn tendon on the inside of my ankle. I am back in a boot. Boo. I do not want to have tendon repair surgery so I am trying to baby it and I have had a custom orthotic made. Hopefully when that is done, it will help with the support that will allow the ankle to heal properly. One stupid move, and 7 months later I am still in pain. Ugh.

The littles are doing well. School will always be super easy for one and somewhat of a challenge for the other. I fear for my baby girl as she will always live in the shadow of her brother. It does not help that she has also had his former teachers so she is really held to his standards. She is doing well, just not on his level and her behavior is MUCH different. It breaks my heart that she realizes this and it makes her sad. I have been trying really hard to make sure she realizes she is a wonderful, kind and special child in her own way. Dustin's behavior also tends to stress her out more and she is very troubled that he is not typical. I ache for her. She has begun saying things like, "I don't like myself." I am hoping she learns quickly to love herself and that being different is not only okay, but better than being like everyone else!

I have only a short time until I leave for Orlando to meet up with other Trauma Mamas and revel in 4 days without our children to meet with women who GET IT in ways that others cannot. I also have a short 3 weeks until I get to love on a Soul Sister who is traveling to Indianapolis and we are making a weekend of it with our kiddos! Life is good, even when it stinks!


GB's Mom said...

You said it all!

lauren said...

I am also a foster mom from Indiana-thanks for articulating this!