Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wood Shim sunburst mirror . . .

Mom's birthday. What to get? DIY to the rescue.

I have seen these floating around the web on several DIY sites and decided it was time to give one a shot.

All I purchased was a $3 package of wood shims, some gorilla glue and a 6 inch mirror.

I did prepaint the shims. Mom recently too the plunge and put COLOR in her white walled world. The mirror is a gift for her bedroom so I snuck over while she was on vacation and retrieved the accent color that is in her bedroom. I decided it was be way easier to prepaint than paint when it was completed.

I cut a piece of cardboard for the back just a smidge larger than the mirror tile. I simply began hot gluing the shims in a circular pattern and layering them. I did have to snap a few off so they were shorter and they would lay nicely.

I used the gorilla glue to glue the mirror on and simply placed the paint can on top overnight as a bit of weight to help hold it in place.

Ta da! I will take a picture of it in place when she hangs it.

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