Friday, August 19, 2011

Last night's adventure . . .

Last night I went to bed at about 11:00pm. I woke up at 4:00 and my husband was apparently still downstairs. I am still unable to walk on my leg for another 2 weeks so I sent Harrison downstairs to see if he was asleep on the couch. He was no where to be found . . . neither was Dustin. I thought they had ran an errand of went out for a soda. (they have both been nightowls this summer) My husband did not have his phone on him but I wasn't too concerned since Dustin has not ran out of the house in over a week.

I said it. OVER . A. WEEK. This is a record of sorts for us. He was attempting to earn an upgrade to his hand held game system and had done a really nice job of not only not running, but not threatening to run in almost 10 days. I thought it was a milestone. He got his upgrade on Wednesday.

He ran out shortly after 2:00am last night.

He was gone for nearly 2 hours.

My husband kept catching sight of him while he tried to follow him in the van. He ran to the van without knowing his phone as at home and he didn't want to go back to get it knowing he would likely lose sight of him and not know where he was in the middle of the night. (He has the patience of Job!) Apparently Dustin grabbed a large stick (about the size of a baseball bat in diameter, only longer) and was hitting the metal railing of our River Greenway (a trail system that runs ear our house) and screaming "Heeeeeeeeeeeelp! I don't want to go with him!" Eventually it likely woke someone in the house along the street where the Greenway is and they called police. An officer who is familiar with Dustin's shenanigans came around the corner nd hollered for Dustin to "Stop! And drop the stick!" He did, but it took some coercing for him to come down off the hill of the Greenwway.

Once down, the officer asked him why he did not want to go home and Dustin answered, "He too my remote!" The officer asked why and Dustin said, "Because he wouldn't let me watch Pokemon."

Swear. To. Goodness.

The officer shook his head and sent him home with Robert.

Oi, my life! Thankfully this time I was blissfully unaware and sleeping . . . .

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Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

You've probably heard about GPS shoes, but if you haven't, there are now GPS shoes. Regular running shoes with gps enabled. Just a thought. Probably expensive.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could call the police to tell them he ran and then have them track him via his shoes?