Monday, August 01, 2011

Happy Anniversary dear Robert . . .

Today is the 14th anniversary of my marriage to Robert. I have a wonderful husband. Do we argue? Yep. Do we say things we don't always mean? Yep. Are we committed to being married until we die? Yep.

I am a tough cookie to live with. And he is not exactly a perfect man. We are human. We do however love one another and our children more than anything else in this world. The stress of dealing with a child such as Dustin and the myriad of difficult issues that comes with that is tremendous. The stress of raising 2 bio kids in this environment and trying to make their lives as normal as possible is quite large. Sometimes it is easiest to take our stress out on the people whom we love the most and I know I am guilty of that. So many marriages who deal with special needs kids collapse under the pressure of daily living. I can totally understand that. I am proud that although we bicker and argue we can stick through this and make it work. It takes lots of compromise and lots of understanding.

I wrote this post last year for my anniversary and I want to share it again. Because every part of it rings true today . . .

Dearest Robert,

From our first date, I knew you were "the one". I love you with my whole heart. We have had our fair share of difficulties, but we have stuck through. We both came into this marriage knowing that divorce was not an option, so whatever it was we made it work. You have patience beyond measure and you have taught me that perseverance is a gift.

Thirteen years ago I married my best friend. We have survived my OCD diagnosis, your brain tumor diagnosis and surgery, foster care, adoption, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, 2 pregnancies and the daily care of 3 children. I wouldn't change one thing. Everything we have done has not only made us stronger individuals, but has made us a stronger pair. I love you beyond measure.

I love the way you make our children laugh. I love the pride I see in your eyes when you look at our children. I love the kindness and patience you show with Dustin. I love your humor. I love your passion for justice and peace. I love your kindness and your gentle spirit. I love your positive outlook. I love your never-give-up attitude. I love the way you love me through all my faults. I love you.


Becky said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

:)De said...

Happy Anniversary!

GB's Mom said...

You are right... It IS just as good as last year!

Story of our Life said...

((((HUGS))) Happy Anniversary darling!!

Love You!!