Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Deeper Water . . .

My step brother and his wife are embarking on a new journey. Doug left this past Monday with a large trailer packed the the brim with belongings to head down to Mexico. He crossed the border today and prayers were answered as it pretty much went off without a hitch although he still has 16 hours ahead of him. His wife, Kari, and their 3 kids are flying into Mexico on Friday. Their main focus is aiding and supporting orphans and pastors in Guadalajara, Mexico.

They are taking a huge step of faith and doing what they feel called to do. I admire them for selflessly going and working for the orphans in that area. I pray for their safety and their good health. I am proud to call them family♥

If you are the praying kind, please send a prayer for them. If not, good thought, kind words, good mojo, etc are always welcomed. You can follow their ministry here. Or follow them on facebook here.


Barb G said...

Absolutely praying! (((hug)))

Anonymous said...

Before driving to Mexico to help orphans or whatever it would be a good idea to watch the excellent film "From Dusk to Dawn." That way, you're prepared for any, shall we say, unforseen eventualities.