Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cycling . . .

We are cycling around these parts. Dustin had 4 FANTASTIC days of really great behavior and now he is on a cycle of sleeping about 16 hours a day. He is tired and moody. I said something to my mom and she reminded me that he does this in summer. I think the change in routine makes him cycle more frequently and I am pretty sure he was manic last week so now we are onto the depressive side of his mood disorder.
He is pretty compliant once I get him awake enough to function so all is well. I suppose when he is super sleepy we have less of a a chance of him running out!

In other news, I am in an air cast for a month! I have a really stubborn case of plantar's fascitis in my right foot. The doc wants me to constantly keep my foot flexed for a month to give it a change to heal. He thinks there may be a tear of the tendon. If this does not work I have to have surgery. I have 78 field trips this summer for my job! 78! Lugging around this boot is not going to be fun. He did say that I can take it off to swim which is a blessing since I do 4 swim trips a week at work. The bad news is that this means no Couch to 5K while I get this resolved . . . boo!

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