Friday, May 20, 2011

Thoughts for Friday . . .

What is with all this rain? I am about done with it and my grass is going to reach my armpits before I get to mow it.

Dustin ran out again yesterday. This time he was fully clothed. Robert chased him on our moped and he finally came over to him. Robert took him to Dairy Queen for complying. I hope we havn't started something, but he already runs out so maybe this will help. I have a feeling we are gonna need stock in ice cream.

I signed Harrison up for tennis lessons. We have never really done anything like this with the exception of a horrible experience with T-ball. We shall see if he likes it.

I signed McCartney up for gymnastic classes. She is the klutziest kid on the planet. This should be interesting. She will however rock the leotards and the hairbows!

I finished painting the trim on my front porch this week. What the heck was I thinking? That was a lot of work. It did however give me a break each night from the children and my porch looks great. Sorry hubby.

My crazy summer starts in a few weeks. I will be doing 2 field trips each day with the exception of Wednesday mornings. That means 9 field trips a week! Fun times. Busy, but still fun.


GB's Mom said...

Hope the ice cream keeps working :)

Missy said...

God Bless You!
The thought of Field Trips gives me Hives...
Ice Cream works every time!