Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Realization . . .

Dustin has started this thing. When I ask him to do something he just looks at me with his mouth hanging open. It makes me crazy. (I have been saying that a LOT lately) This happens even if it is something he wants to do, like "Dustin come eat dinner."

I have decided it is his only way of controlling the situation. He is playing me.

I ask. He stares. I ask again. He stares. I threaten. He does it. I am no longer doing that, that is simply letting him have more attention and he is "winning". Now, I am simply looking back at him and waiting. I told myself I would give him 30 seconds. Usually he will comply within a few seconds since he has figured out that I will not respond again.

Last night I asked him to turn of a light. He just stared at me slack-jawed. I waited and silently counted to 30. After 30 he was still staring me down and I got up, walked over to him and took his hand. I walked him to the light switch and used his hand to turn off the light. I then walked him back to the seat he was on and sat him down. No words, no pulling, no arguing. He was bewildered.

I win.

I did refrain from siticking my tongue out!


Charlene said...

I congratulate you on your maturity! SMILE

Chariot said...

Awesome job! That reminds me of the book - Screamfree Parenting.

Bring him over to the light - I'll remember that in case I ever need it.