Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No news is good news . . .

Nothing much to share here. Dustin has had a med change. Last week we had some issues with his state sponsored insurance all of the sudden not covering his very important anti-psychotic because he was on 2 anti-psychotics. The p-doc decided to take him off the Abilify to see if it is really necessary. I personally don't think it is so I was okay with that plan. Oddly enough he has been pretty darn good for the last 4 days. He is much more calm and less angry. I don't yet know if it is a fluke or it really is a good med change. We shall see . . .

The bedroom switch-up has gone well. Dustin is actually sleeping quite well and for longer periods of time. I think it was a good move. I know it has been better for everyone else involved, so I hope it holds out.

The biggest thing that has made an impact in or life lately is the security system. Ours is very similar to the one sold here. We ordered ours from Home Depot on-line as well. The best thing about it is that it rings at the base unit when the door is opened, not at the alarm sensor so we can take the unit downstairs and still hear when it goes off. The other plus is that it continues to go off once activated even if he re-shuts the door. He cannot fool us and he knows it. With the First Alert door sensors, the alarm goes off when the door is opened, but stops when the door is shut. He learned that he could open the door fast and the alarm would ring for a short period of time and if we did not wake up, he was home free! Also, this new system is activated and deactivated at the unit, not the sensor, so he is unable to turn it off. And trust me, it will wake the dead! I am a very hard sleeper and can sleep through anything and this thing wakes me up every time! I have a hard time entering the code to silence it because I am half asleep though!

Other than keeping Dustin right near us. things are pretty back to normal since the Great Underwear Incident of April 2011 . School has been having more difficulties and I received an email today telling me he was currently in ISS for spitting on another child. I have always said that our kids are only able to hold it together one place a day. Most times I would rather he hold it together at school and be a handful at home, but I need a break, so I am okay with school dealing with some crappy stuff lately! :) Their "Crappy stuff" usually pales in comparison to ours anyway, so I don't feel so guilty. ( I think this may be because I "outed" him to the school about the running. He was mortified to learn that I told his teachers about the incident and asked them to keep an eye out for any running behavior because he threatened he would run at school.)

The littles are doing okay. Harrison is doing great in school and it gearing up for the second half of standardized testing this next week. McCartney is struggling with coming back from a wonderfully hot Florida to a not so hot Indiana. She is mourning losing her sandals and sundress and has yet to lovingly embrace the winter coat. Hopefully it will start warming up around these parts next week, but I think we will still be battling the tank tops each morning for awhile.

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:)De said...

I can truly understand the grieving over sandles and sundresses. When we come back from vacation I have to pack away all the shorts and swimsuits to keep people out of them.

Good news about the alarm system. I have gone through so many different types of alarms it is not even funny. I really like the camera system I have now, except it has motion detection on it and when they move (even turning over in bed) the beep wakes me a little.