Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A wonderful surprise . . .

I was contacted a week or so ago about trying out Easy Canvas Prints. I ordered a canvas from a competitor over the holidays and I found their customer service lacking and when they had to ship me a replacement canvas, it was tossed in an envelope with no padding and nothing to protect it from the moisture so it was warped. I was less than thrilled. Out of the three canvas (two ordered and one replacement) one had warped wood due to bad packing, one was stapled badly and had to be replaced, and one came with no hangers. My mom's canvas made a tour around the eastern United States before it found it's way here.

Anyway, I placed an order with Easy Canvas Prints last week. I chose a 16x20 canvas. The one thing I liked right away was that you could chose to either wrap the image over the edges or not. I liked the option of not wrapping it and chose a black border for the edges. They also offered a 3/4 inch wrap and an 1 1/2 inch wrap. That way, if you chose not to frame the canvas it creates a bit more of a presence. I did want to frame it, so I chose the smaller wrap to match the others that I had at home.

Their turn around time was quite fast. They processed my print quickly and I received my canvas only 3 days after I was sent the email saying it was on it's way. I arrived Saturday by FedEx. The box was much larger than the canvas. The canvas was wrapped in plastic and taped to the inside of the box, suspended from the center of the box so that even had it been dropped the canvas would've been protected. I was thrilled with the quality for the canvas. It felt sturdy and the canvas felt thick. I loved it.

I will definitely order from them in the future! You should too! I added a link to the Easy Canvas Prints website over to the right in my sidebar. Right now they are offering 25% off and free shipping.

The large canvas is the new one, next to the two from the other company.

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