Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last minute craft . . .

I decided on the way home from work today that I needed to make a couple little guys I know a monster for Christmas. I stopped at the fabric store and I picked through the fleece remnant table that was 2.99/yard and picked some basic colors.

When I got home I decided to just cut fleece and wing it! Ferdinand and Sheriff Frankie were born . . .
Ferdinand the pokey-eared monster
Could his tail be any cuter?

Then came his best buddy Sheriff Frankie and his one tooth smile.

Best buddies!

They were super easy and I think they turned out super cute! Since they were fleece, I didn't do any turning rightside out. They were just sewn on the right sides, they won't unravel and I think it added to their charm. The bug-eyed look is my favorite! I am proud of myself that I figured out how I could do that on the first try. You really should try this, the fleece is very forgiving and a they should wash really nicely. These two guys cost about $4.00 total.

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Sherman said...

Very cute and unique monsters! You're good at it!
Sherman Unkefer