Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Did you know . . .

. . . that Nintendo DS games make exceptional chew toys for small dogs if they are left on the floor?

. . . that children will eat leftover pizza that has been left out on the stove all night without question? (eeew!)

. . . that if you have a stand up shower and you are laying in a fetal position on the floor crying that you notice how really dirty it is? Did you know that if it is terribly nasty, you will forget how sad you are and start cleaning it right away?

. . . that being "the meanest mommy ever" everyday weighs heavily on you?

. . . that feeling like a failure every day, all day sucks?

. . . that being thankful for the job you have makes it easier to go to work each day even if you would really rather stay in bed and pull the covers over your head and sleep forever?

. . . sometimes when life hands you lemons it would be nice to chuck them at passing cars to make yourself feel better?


obladi oblada said...

I do know about #1 and #2. I love the last one...I agree totally.

FosterAbba said...

Forget throwing the lemons at cars. Just buy a juicer and turn them into a nice whiskey sour!

cindy @ cottage instincts said...

Oh how I can relate.....hope things start brightening soon.

zunzun said...

I'm w/ FosterAbba on the lemon thing!LOL!

I emotionally collapsed on the bathroom floor once and looked up and noticed the underside of the counter piece that stretched over the toilet (weird setting to begin w/) and it was gross and yes...I got my sorry butt up and cleaned it too!LOL! I do my emotional collapsing somewhere else now!LOL

I wish I could say "it'll get better" or "this will pass" but you know what...I can't...because the stuff you deal w/ is not going to magically go away or get better BUT I will say "take time for just you and try to heal enough to handle the next big lemong shower that comes you way" - hugs!!!