Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why I ♥ Goodwill . . .

I have sung the praises of our local Goodwill stores before. They are FABulous! My mom is addicted and I am slightly less addicted, but addicted nonetheless. We went shopping this Friday and Saturday and hit 2 different Goodwill Stores. Friday night I picked up two pillows, one was stained and snagged, but had a feather insert and I knew I could use it for another cover. Saturday morning I got to work taking it apart . . .

This one was $4. She is awfully pretty and I bet she cost a pretty penny when it was new. It has a snag in the fabric, and a small stain. I love the trim and it has an awesome down insert. It is 18 x 18 and you'd be looking at paying $12 bare minimum for a new one.

Here is the immaculate insert. It looks brand spanking new. Totally worth $4.

I took apart the cover, thinking I could save most of the fabric that wasn't ruined, I love the trim that I will use for something, then I found a zipper! Bonus.
So here is what I ended up with. Some fabric, 72 inches of beaded trim and an 18 inch zipper! Woot.

This one cost $3 and is also 18 x 18. The insert is not down, but I loved the quilted cover. It has a striped backside that ties to hold the cover on. I didn't even look at the inside, but I noticed the insert was evenly stuffed and seemed really new. I figured I would take the cover off and wash it and replace the insert if it was clean. It is blue and brown which I am in LOVE with right now.

When I took off the cover, I found this inside. I am not sold on the fringe, but it was in beautiful condition and I like the blue/brown fabric. The fringe was a little matted from being in a cover so I took a comb and brushed it out. It made a huge difference.

Here are my two beauties. What do you think? Good deal for $7? I think so!


Cindy said...

Way good deal. I made a decent haul at the Salvation Army Thrift on Friday....the one in Auburn rocks!

Missy said...

O.M.G. So pretty!