Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Updates on the lovelies . . .

Harrison has entered third grade. Of all my kids, he is the one I worry about least. He makes fast friends, has NO worries academically and is fairly low maintenance for an eight year old. I know that this year will be a good one for him as he learns more things to fill up that sponge in his head. He is still on an ADHD med and does really well with it. He definitely needs it! You should see him in the morning and the evening . . . yikes that boy's brain can go in 88 different directions at once.

McCartney is my girl. She started first grade this week and really likes it. On Sunday night she had quite a bit of anxiety about school starting and she only slept 2.5 hours! She spent her whole first day asleep at school. The teacher called me and told me that she even sat on the floor and fell asleep waiting for her turn in the bathroom! She got much more sleep the last 2 nights! She is lovey and cuddly and can still give the boys a run for their money playing outside! She likes to pretend she is a girly-girl, but she holds her own. She fears very little and makes friends easily. She tends to be more assertive than Harrison and is way more maintenance than her brothers . . . go figure!

Dustin is Dustin. He is having some difficulty lately with whining and crying constantly! He started his sophomore year! I thinkthe transition to school schedule has been har on him and he really needs more sleep, problem is that if I send him to bed earlier than 9:00pm, he wakes up at 4:00 am but he is too tired to get up at 7:00am. He's an odd bird! He still cannot be anywhere near the other kids or he torments them like crazy. He is back to hitting, kicking and throwing things at the dogs and I am terrified one of them is going to bite him. He needs COMPLETE supervision at all times when the kids are home. Robert and I got to spend last Friday night alone with Dustin. We went out to eat and shopping and he was AWESOME. He was as close to normal as I have ever seen him. I loved it and at the same time it broke my heart. Perhaps he should've been adopted by a family without children, perhaps he would be happier. I asked him if he noticed a difference without the littles with us and he said, "Yes I have had a fun night" I asked what was different for him and he said, "I get all the attention!" Wow! We have vowed to make more time for just the three of us.

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