Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Not good . . .

Dustin is not in a good place right now. Perhaps it is the anticipation of the end of school (we have 8 more days), perhaps it is a cycle, perhaps he just plans on sending me to an early grave . . . or jail. I don't know what it is, but I hate it with a passion.

He is foul! F.O.U.L. Grouchy, whining, anxious. He has no volume control; hollers, whines, screams, and throws major tantrums. He must do everything "heavily"; he walks like he weighs 600 pounds. He has no spatial awareness; he runs into everything. Everything. He hits his shoulders on door jambs. He cannot form complete sentences without really struggling. He has trouble finding words. His mind is RACING.

On Sunday he ran out of the house in underwear. He stopped because I told him if he ran he would not go to Grandma's for the cookout Monday. To his credit, he immediately turned around and came home. He did however lock me and Robert and McCartney out of the house. Harrison was playing on the computer and was ZONING. He ignores the door because he is forbidden to answer it. It took some time to get his attention. Dustin was eating popsicles in the kitchen. I had to walk away for fear I would say something not too nice or appropriate. Robert handled it.

Today hasn't been too bad. He took a nap after school and he helped me in the yard finish up a left over project from the weekend. Just a clue as to how messed up he is . . . I asked him to bring me the rake. He looked confused and I assumed he didn't hear me so I said it again only more slowly. He brought me a brick and said, "Is this the rake?"


On a happy note, I accomplished so much this weekend. I made 7 window screens for our rental and installed them. Installed 2 sets of blinds in the rental. Painted the porch floor on both sides. Ripped out and replaced 12 foot of porch skirting and dug out the planiting bed that ran the length of that skirting. I then laid new weed fabric and tonight I spread 9 bags of mulch. I also mowed our yard and the vacant house next door. Woot! ( I only made 5 trips to Lowes in 3 days!)


Kari said...

Sorry. FASD sucks.

Kudos to you for all the work you accomplished! Heck, kudos to you for surviving this long.

:)De said...

So sorry, but I am glad he did not finish his run. Wanted to tell you that I let my kids do the hotdog/spaghetti things and they siad it was fun and tasted great. I put a little margering, salt and pepper on it for them.


MomInTheTrench said...

Good for you for letting Robert handle it. I need to do that more often.