Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Too True Tuesday 15 . . .

Today Essie wants us to divulge our "secret compulsions. Your obsessions. The private little things you do not because you want to but because something bad, possibly involving VooDoo and world decimation, could happen if you don't. Yes indeed, those little maneuvers you participate in to save yourself from a horror beyond the imagination of Steven King."

Not so hard for someone who is OCD. Huh? I have a few. *snicker*

I think the WORST one, and most irrational is bumpy things. I hate bumpy things. Just typing that makes my head get all tingly. Oh my gosh, that sounds weird. Do you ever get that creepy tingly feeling that starts at the top of your head and washes down your neck and shoulders and when it reaches your arms it makes you shudder and your head and neck itch? That's what bumpy things do to me. I know, seriously warped.


bumpy gourds - my co-workers think it is funny to buy them and put them on my desk, NOT amusing! :)

those creepy pores on the back of the leather leaf you get in flower bouquets (ugh, they have to be taken out andthrown away, but I won't touch them!

barnacles on docks and boats - our condo in Florida is on the intercoastel waterway, right by the pier. I am praying for high water so I don't have to see the barnacles.

warts - we had woman, sweet as could be, that worked at the daycare that was covered in these bumpy warts and I could hardy look at her.

ANYTHING that has creepy bumpy nubs on them!

I have to end this post now, my head it itchy! Argggggh!


obladi oblada said...

Wow..that is interesting! Im curious if there is a story relating the reason you have this dislike of bumby things. Im glad you aren't blind, because then brail would be out of the question for you!

My kids hate barnacles too. They say: "They are so ugly"!!

Sheri said...

Actually it must be something in our DNA because my son used to gag when he was little and saw that his fingers shriveled in the bathtub. Now he knows not to look at them. He rarely touches anything bumpy either.

MomInTheTrench said...

This is the first compulsion I've read without a "reason". Interesting. I guess you vaccinate against chicken pox!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Oh goodness, I have a fear of warts. But not other bumpy things. Interesting. Is it fleshy bumps only or do lego's bug you too? I can't imagine.... I have loads of things with bumps.
How about the opposite, like the dents in a golf ball? Or my pores? Just curious.

Sheri said...

It has to be pretty covered with bumps to bug me. Zits and chicken pox are fine.

Oddly, Legos don't bother me. I am not sure if it is because they aren't fleshy (never thought about it) or because it is uniformly bumpy. Although the leather leaf bumps are uniform and that one sends me over the edge more than just about anything else. Aghh!