Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Are you kidding me . . .

I came home today and Dustin was all excited. "Mom! I have something to tell you. I had a soldier visit me today at school. He came and talked to my table at lunch today and he says I should talk to you about joining the army!"


This recruiter went up and talked to a group of moderately mentally handicapped kids and told them they could join the army. This is a group of children who have IQs under 70 and who will likely never read more than functional words. Not only did he talk to them, have gave them a DVD to show to their parents and a mousepad. Dustin said, "Mom he said I can aim good". Nice.

Dustin is now convinced he wants to join the military. He is obsessed.


r. said...

I only had a military recruiter call me once when I was in high school. But I sure kept him on the phone as long as possible before letting him know that I was on psych meds. If I had had the good fortune to be visited by missionaries, I'd play a similar game. :-)

Jenny said...

I have a sister with special needs so I know exactly how annoying this is to you!

I know my sister would obsess about something like this, watch the movie, try to look up info. on the computer,etc. How frustrating!

Miz Kizzle said...

Can you say "cannon fodder?"

marythemom said...

My now 16 yr old son has always been a big kid (5'9" and 210lbs since age 11!) and fascinated by the military and football. Coaches and recruiters saw his size and physical maturity and drooled over him.

His only goals in life were to become a professional football player or join the marines. Right before his 14th birthday a doctor chose to tell him he was done growing - so pro football was most likely out (his behavior gets him kicked off the school teams anyway).

We decided to keep him unaware that he couldn't join the military because it was a great motivator to stay in school and do well (he's in ROTC and wanted to go to the Naval Academy - not understanding that As and Bs in special ed classes is not the same as As and Bs in regular ed).

In January sfter a ton of pressure from the school, Hubby finally let our son know he couldn't go because of his meds (he takes psychotropic meds, has a borderline IQ and major diagnoses like bipolar in addition to being emotionally disturbed). Son's grades have dropped to Ds and Fs and he's started having major attendance problems. *sigh*

I can believe the recruiters talked to your son and his friends - recruiters are desperate and don't think!

Mary in TX