Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday, Sunday . . .

Today I am making oodles of meals and fixins' for my friend Jill. She selflessly and graciously gave her father a kidney this week. A good friend is coordinating meals for her and I am making 3 meals for her and 3 meals her father. I have also decided to make some breakfast foods so that they can have some easy, already prepared breakfasts as well. I am reeling from the wonderful sacrifice she is making. I am in awe of her generosity, the least I can do is make some food.

We have had a pretty easy and mellow weekend. I have be enjoying the Olympics. Dustin has been pretty decent albeit "lippy" but I suppose that is to be expected since he is turning FIFTEEN this week. Even though he is really a 4 year old emotionally, it does not stop the snotty teenage mouth apparently. I took him to church this morning which was ridiculously irritating with the noises, the constant "whispers" that were heard across the sanctuary, and the figety-ness. I wanted to pull my hair out . . . but I refrained. I suppose the loud burp that made me giggle uncontrollably made me chill out. It is amazing what laughter can do for our attitudes.

After church we had to run to the Mart of Walls because our washer died Friday. I got a new high efficency washer and had to go buy that special laundry soap. I had a fabulous thing happen in the detergent isle. Someone introduced themselves to me as a blog reader! She said, "I feel like I know you!" How awesome is that?

I love the internet.

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Patty said...

Thank you Sheri for your kind note.

Truth be told I miss all of my blog friends to pieces, and think of (and send blessings to) you all of the time. Funny how I can consider people I have never met good friends but I do.

When I stopped blogging I was at a point where I needed to unplug from the computer. Nothing huge happen, just a feeling.

I think of beginning again, but I am still dealing with self-pressure of posting regularly and this keeps me away. I promise to work on that and post again. I am making myself accountable to you so thank you for that.

I will quickly say that life is good, family is fine, and my business continues to do well in the not-so-great economy. Who can ask for more than that?

Thank you for loving me enough to take the time to check up on me. It was a sweet and kind thing to do; just like you.