Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh Snuggie, you have disappointed. . .

My kids have wanted a snuggie forever. Last Christmas my mom bought them new robes and I convinced them that they were Snuggie's with belts. They wore them backwards, and that worked for a few months, then they got smart. Dang.

This year, the assistant director at the daycare got them both a character Snuggie for Christmas. They were so excited! They came home, ripped them out of the boxes and proceeded to try to walk around in them. Of course since it is simply a banket with sleeves, open in the back, they just fell off them. They were sorely disappointed. They ended up clipping them together in the back with chip clips. Too funny, but not really effective.

Last weekend I saw the snuggie's hanging on the back of their bedroom doors all lonely and forsaken and I decided to fix them.

I turned them inside out and sewed a diagonal line from the neck to about halfway down the snuggie. This way it was likea long pull over sweatshirt. I then cut the large triangle off the snuggie and turned it inside out. I decided to be funny and sew the large triangle together and make a long pointed "night cap" as a joke. I put it on McCarntey's head and she loved it! Harrison started whining saying, "Where is mine!?"

They look like little snuggie wizards. They have worn them almost every night since. I have a hard time not giggling everytime I walk by them!

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Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

That is awesome! The whole thing! Hilarious!