Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oh my ears . . .

I haven't written about Dustin for a while. For he most part he is doing well. He is still on constant supervision so he really can't get in much trouble. He has been doing some random chores and bathroom visits alone as long as he is not all wonky at that time, and if the littles are not near the chore or along the way. Some days are better than others. He is still throwing some wicked fits, but that is pretty much par for the course.

What is really driving me bonky is his constant talking. Robert deals with him in the morning and after school. I feel like I should take him as soon as I get home from work. He will NOT stop talking.

Mom, what are we having for dinner? Can I help? Ya kinow how my day was? You're the best mom ever. I love you mom. I had a bad dream. Do you wanna know about it? It was about sharks can you believe it? How was your day at work? Kinda looks like you had a bad day. Mom, Mom, Mom did you have a good lunch? Ya know what I had? Spaghetti. Can I have money for lunch tomorrow? I want french fries. We watched a video in class about mascots. All my friends laughed. Ok, I'll be quiet. Mom, I love you. Mascots are funny. Mom, you are the best. What are we having for dinner? Oh yeah, I forgot. Are you ignoring me? Dad said I could get the mail. There was alot. Mom, I have to pee. Hey, mom, I pooped a giant turd. I love you mom. Hey mom, can I have my DS? Hey, I forgot to ask you, Did you have a good day?

Seriously, that is like 3 minutes of questions. This lasts all night. I am not even joking. The weekends are worse. My ears just wanna hop of my head and run away. The worst part? He has to tell you about every other sound in the house. "Hey mom, the oven beeped." or "Did you hear McCartney scream?"



FAScinated said...

Constant chatter. We have that here, too. It drives me crazy. The meds help reduce it but early in the morning and in the evening I just want to stick earplugs in my ears. Impulse control deficits and no "screen"- if it is in the brain it has to come out of the mouth. Jabber, jabber, jabber...AARRGGHHH!!!

zunzun said...

ugh...feel your pain. It's mom, mom, mom ALL THE TIME!!! What I hate are the conversations that require me to respond and be an active participant instead of just listening to the chatter...for example:

mom? yes...
Do you know what I did? [silence] "what did you do?"
I ran a mile and guess what? (UGHHHHH...what...what...what?)

Miz Kizzle said...

That sounds awful.
Is it difficult keeping Dustin away from your other kids? How does he react to being separated from them? Do the other kids mind or do they prefer not to be around him?
I'm curious because it's hard for me to imagine keeping my three apart from each other and we live in a pretty large house.

Janie said...

Sheri - I mean no disrespect....but this just made me laugh! I know the feeling of the "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, what are you doing? where are you going? what's for dinner? when do I have basketball practice? can my friend come over? Mom! Mom? Drives you insane.