Sunday, November 22, 2009

A weekend project . . .

I have been thinking about painting my kitchen recently. We painted it when we moved in nearly 9 years ago and I decided it was more than time for a new coat of paint. I had toyed with the idea of painting it robin's egg blue and dark chocolate. The remainder of the downstairs is some shade of brown or another, with the exception of the dining room which is a creamy butterscotch. We live in a really OLD house. Our kitchen is likely original. It is OLD. I truly need an overhaul, but that is not in the cards. This is the only bank of cabinets before the paint job.

I have shown great restraint in not running out and buying paint. I really wanted to, but spending $60 on 2 gallons of paint was not frugal with Christmas coming up. Last week I was at Lowes picking up a thing of water for our water cooler and I checked the mis-tint paint stash as I always do. (because seriously who an pass up $30 paint for $7.00?!) I came across a gallon of dark chocolate eggshell paint. I thought I would set it back and get the robin's egg blue after the holidays.

Since I am not too patient, I decided I would go ahead and paint the cabinets and then just live with it as is until I got the other paint. Only my immediate family comes over from the holidays, so I decided I didn't really care if it was half done. I started about 8:00 pm Friday. I quickly regretted starting the project. I usually get about 45 minutes into a project and then think . . .

What am I doing this for????!!!

So I finished the backsplash and the cabinets and it looked fabulous! I had finished by about 11:00 and I was excited that it looked so good. I decided to check out the basement steps and my mistint paint collection to see if I had anything that would work. I did find a really nice sage green gallon that I forgot I had. It was labeled $4.00 so I must have bought it a while ago. I was up until about 2:30 in the morning, but man, my kitchen looks awesome. There is nothing better than fresh paint.

You really cannot see the green walls because if the lighting, but this is the chimney that runs through the kitchen. I found this awesome plate at Goodwill this weekend and looks FAB with the new colors in there.

Sunday I came home from church and decided I needed to add some turquoise after all. I added this scrolling doo hickey on the front of these four cabinets by hand. I am not sure they will stay there, but for now I can live with them.

And because I didn't seem to do quite enough this weekend, I got a really cool strand of glass bead garland at Goodwill for a dollar that I cut apart and made a tassel for the ceiling fan in the living room. Cute huh?

What did you do this weekend?


Linda B said...

Oh man you are so creative! I love hearing how little it costs you too, it gives me hope that maybe I can find some deals. What did I do this weekend? All day Fri and Sat were spent in class and today I cut the boys' hair and put up Christmas lights outside. Not near as creative or productive as you. I love a room after it's been painted! Yummy smells! How long does a can of paint last for you before it goes bad, I mean does it ever not stir up well enough to use?

FAScinated said...

Very nice! I spent all day cleaning a certain 14 year old's disaster of a bedroom. No fun.