Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Can you tell me . . .

Holy crap! I got hollered at in the school drop off line this morning. They have 3 lines and the lines alternate to move into 1 single file line to drop kid at the sidewalk next to the school door. Every morning it is a crap shoot which direction the line is alternating . . . is it line 1 then line 2 then line 3 or is it line 3 then line 2 then line 1. Who knows? You just have to watch.

So today it was line 3, line 2 and then line 1. I was in line 3. I waited my turn then inched my van forward into the single line. The woman next to me lost her shit. She started screaming at me that it was her turn, that I was apparently crazy, and didn't I know how this worked? She was hollering and cursing and wildly waving her arms at me. Of course I let the crazy bat go first. If she really wanted to get there that much quicker than I did, she could have at it.


We have a saying at daycare. . . if you cut me in line you will only get there 1 second before me. Does it really matter? This woman looked like a total fool to her daughter who as sitting in the seat next to her. My kids looked at me to see how I was going to react. I burst out laughing. That did not make her happy. She revved her engine and began shaking her hands again.


In line at the elementary school.

While we giggled our way to the drop off door.

By the way, my kids got out of the car and got to the door before her child. And they had smiles on their faces. Her daughter looked mortified!

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Amber said...

Again...this makes me laugh! Of course I think it's funnier because it's YOUR life...but still funny. :0)