Sunday, October 25, 2009

Keeping the littles safe . . .

In a comment on Marwage . . . it's what bwings us togever today . . . Miz Kizzle asked . . . ."I was wondering, what would Dusting do to your other kids if he were not supervised? Has he hurt them in the past?"

I suppose I should address that since I keep saying he could be a danger. In the past Dustin has hurt our animals. He has popped the head of fish, and attempted to strangle one of our dogs. He torments the cat and has pulled feathers out of our birds. While these have been conscious decisions, he doesn't hurt them out of joy, each time they did something he did not like, or he was simply trying to love on them and it went wrong. So supervision around the animals is a must.

As far as the kids go, we are dealing with much the same thing. While I don't believe that he would do anything intentional to hurt the kids, he has no concept of cause and effect. In he past he has attempted to push his sister down the stairs because she "looked at him" and held a pillow on Harrison's face because they were "playing". Not good. Typically his anger is directed at us, but I am not prepared to take the chance that he will do something stupid without understanding the repercussions.

The other issue is that Dustin was sexually abused in our home by another foster child and that is always in the back of my mind. While he has never perpetrated, I still worry that he could be a danger.

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Jo said...

We kind of have the same problem here. Little Man is very impulsive and he has no brakes, so for his sake and others, he must be watched carefully. You are great parents and are doing a good job in very difficult circumstances.