Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Too True Tuesday . . .

Too True Tuesday, sponsored by The Accidental Mommy.

Another confessional day. Join us will you? Today I want to tell you about when I was pregnant with Harrison. I was sick. Like sick beyond sick. My OB/GYN had no idea how much I meant when I said I was constantly sick. He asked me to count the number of times I vomited from the time I woke up to my 1:30 appointment. I had barfed 37 times that day. In about 6 hours.

37 times.

I had serious morning sickness. Okay, so anyway, I would have major trouble going to the grocery store. The meat section did me in. I couldn't walk near it without barfing. Of course I had a husband and Dustin to feed at home so sometimes it was necessary to shop for meat. I would have to first stop at the checkouts and get a plastic bag, then to the tissues and grab a box of kleenex. I would proceed to the meant department and more often than not barf in the tissues in my hands. Nice huh? Then I would buy my open box of tissues and the meat and my other items (carrying my bag-o-puke) and be on my way. Usually barfing a few times on the ride home for good measure. I was really good at taking side streets so I could pull over, open the door and yack.

That sets up my Too True Tuesday confession. I would shop at a small local store so it would be less crowded as I yacked, thus offending fewer people. After a while, the store manager paid attention to the woes I was having and put a trash can in the meat department. One day I walked in, went to get my plastic bag and he came over to me and said, "I am so sorry you are sick with this baby. I put a trashcan in the meat department for you." That was the sweetest thing anyone ever did for a barfing pregnant woman!


obladi oblada said...

AW..that guy was sweet to do that!

zunzun said...

I had an ex-boss that had to carry a large coffee can with her everywhere she went....the car...underneath her desk...meetings. I actually thought it was somewhat ingeneous 'cause she could put a lid on it.

That was very nice of that guy.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Oh, no I am seriously LOLing! That is so vile and so funny at the same time! Blegh!
What an amazing dedicated mom!

Annie said...

That is extremely sweet.... Also, pretty funny (when you imagine the conversations they must have been having back behind those swinging doors...)

When I was expecting Aidan I was teaching at a school that had the children scrape off their plates into this large trash can. Only, the children were supposed to TASTE everything before they dumped it...So, when I had lunch duty, I was supposed to stand there behind the can and check if they'd had a bite....I cannot begin to tell you the waves of nausea that rolled over me as I stood by that can of slop. It just about takes me over now, just remembering it.

Jo said...

Wow! I was very blessed to never throw up with any of my five pregnancies. I know I am one of those super well ladies that make you sick. Things like this make me appreciate how easy it was.
I would have made Robert do the shopping, srsly.

Miz Kizzle said...

That was such a nice gesture. When I was expecting our eldest, my husband actually accused me of only being sick when he was around. I guess he thought it was all a big put-on and the second he was out the door I was doing the rhumba and scarfing down meatball subs, which are, in my humble opinion, the most nauseating food on the planet.
I, too, barfed in the supermarket and in parking lots. My sense of smell became so acute that I could smell people's bad breath and denture smells when I went out in public. I imagine it's like a dog's sense of smell.