Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Too True Tuesday (5) . . .

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Today's assignment was to write about "the best of the worst parenting advice you ever got." I didn't have to think long for this one. This comes directly from my child's therapist. . . I even wrote about it before, here it is word for word from that blog entry. . .

When Robert picked me up at work Friday evening, I asked how it went. He said that Dustin told her that he was thinking about being hurt because he had some bad dreams about his abuser lately (which I think is a crock). He tends to say he has bad dreams every time he gets in trouble, steals or says things that aren't true. He has learned through years of therapy that they always ask him if he has bad dreams and he always says "yes" even if he never mentions having bad dreams at home. I don't fully believe he has them, I think he uses that as a learned excuse. Whether or not he does doesn't dismiss the idea that he is telling people at school things that are not true.

So, do you know what his therapists answer to the issue is?

Freakin' pixie dust.

She told my concrete thinking, 12 year old FAS child to sprinkle pixie dust around his bed at night to keep the bad dreams away. This is a woman who is supposed to understand FAS. Pixie dust is her answer.


She didn't talk about telling truths. She didn't talk about past tense or present tense. She didn't deal with his PTSD issues. She told him to sprinkle imaginary pixie dust. Better yet. . . she actually told my husband to get a shaker and put some pixie dust (nothing) in it and use it at bedtime.

No. I will not. And she better be glad I didn't take him to this appointment. If only it were that easy.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Pixie. Dust.

Out of a shaker.

LOL! At least she could have made it warlord dust, or wizard dust!

Corey said...


Seriously. Did you have to pay for that? I'd ask for my money back.


Miz Kizzle said...

She must be high. Pixie dust? Where do they come up with this crap?
It reminds me of how, years ago, my SIL was in an alcohol rehab and her "therapist" wanted her to give her twelve- and fourteen-year-old sons coloring books to explain what alcoholism is. Coloring books! And they were totally lame coloring books that no self-respecting six-year-old would touch.

zunzun said...

Pixie dust huh? She needs to lay off the dope...good grief.

Annie said...

I have a better idea. Get a shaker and tell him that once you shake that pixie dust on him he won't be ABLE TO LIE!!!

Well...if pixie dust works, that would be a better use of it.

Our foster child can always come up with "recurring thoughts of past grief" and "bad dreams" and so forth, too. How imaginative do you have to be to have picked up on the changed expression from firm to kindly when such things are mentioned.

I have come to the conclusion that you get about one good therapist out of ever ten who enter the field. But those "bad nine" are out there going at it for all they are worth.