Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is this week almost over ? . . .

It's only Tuesday? Ugh. I have been avoiding posting about Robert's issues because I figure if I type them out, they may actually be real. Remember back in January when Robert had issues with his hip? He had transient osteoporosis and it cleared up with 6 weeks of total bed rest. It was really miraculous that it didn't take the 6 months they thought it may. Transient Osteo is fairly common in middle aged men, and comes and goes randomly. Once you have had it once, you may never have it again.

Well guess what? It appears it may not have been transient osteoporosis, but regional migratory osteoporosis. It could be hopping around in his lower joints for some time. He has an appointment this Friday with the orthopedic doc, who I lovingly refer to as Dr. Arrogant. We shall see what happens. In the meantime I am doing everything, on top of the crazy summer schedule I have. So frustrating for me and for Robert who is in pain.

Today I also had to take Harrison to the dentist for the first of 4 visits to fix his teeth. My mom and I have horrible teeth and no matter how much we brush or floss, our teeth rot. Unfortunately my kids have my teeth-genes. Today he had a molar "wiggled out" (the pediatric dentist's nice way of saying YANKED), another tooth capped and one had sealant put on. I loved this picture of McCartney surveying the damage.

I also headed over to the park today with the 2 littles to meet up with an old friend. Tavia was my best friend in high school and I haven't seen her for 21 years! She was here from Arizona visiting family and it was so much fun watching her kids play with my kids. We had a blast! It was so good to reconnect after all this time. I even got to see her brother and her mom again.

Sp I get home from the park and Dustin runs out to the car to see me. He smells. He reaks of cologne. I walk into the house and Robert says he caught Dustin playing with cologne. I just got the idea that there was more to this. After some investigating I find he doused my entire bedroom in Halston Z14. He found that Robert's medicine wasn't locked properly and he got an insulin syringe (Robert is diabetic and is no longer on isulin, but we had 1 left over syringe in his med box) He drew the cologne into the syringe and proceeded to inject my pillows, blankets, carpet, his mattress, and some random clothing with cologne. Nice. Swell. Fantastic.

He spent 2 hours cleaning the upstairs inclusing my bedrooms floors, walls, furniture, and the bathroom. He was not a happy camper. I am not sure when I will be able to sleep in my room again. I washed the bed linens and they still smell of cologne. Ugh.

I also thought I would post pictures of the desk I mentioned in the last post. It is by no means fantastic furniture, but it suits our needs and fits the space.


Cupcake Mama said...

I stopped taking the CoQ10, but only because my body literally refused to stop swallowing it. I'm still mad about it but I haven't had a flair up since. I'm still scared I'll wake up and not be able to move my arm or walk.

I hope Robert's pain regresses quickly. I know what it's like to be in pain and I do everything around here already.

I love your desk. I don't know why you are talking it down so much. The fact that it's exactly what you need makes it even better than an expensive piece of furniture that looks nice but doesn't get the job done. You know?

Carol said...

Sorry to hear about Robert's pain and all that entails for you and him.

I don't know what Halston Z14 smells like, but I do know that too much of a good thing is, well, no longer a good thing.

Amber said...

It is so...NOT funny..but I have to admit..the cologne story...made me smile, big!