Monday, June 01, 2009

The plans they are a-changin' . . .

Well, I have officially decided that being an adult sucks.

Memorial Day weekend our air conditioning in our van stopped working. We have had a van before that had some sort of a leak and we used those refill cans you get at the auto parts store. They work fabulously if that is the problem. This time, not so much.

I am a sweaty mess in the summer. I cannot live without AC in my house or in my van. Call me spoiled, but that's how it is. I literally melt . . .

I took the van into the local tire joint because I was also having issues with the back brakes making noise and they were under warranty from a fix almost a year ago. They called me in an hour or so and told me that the back brakes were not actually the problem (go figurea), but my rear wheel cylinders were leaking and needed replaced and that the entire AC unit needed replaced to the tune of $1950 for both repairs and a brake light replacement.

Seriously. $1950.

Ummm, no thanks.

I had them fix the brake light and the cylinders for $375. After I stopping throwing up (jk), I called around for a quote for the AC and got one from my dealer for $800. I CANNOT live without AC (I know I said that already) so we talked about it and how we could afford it. We considered trading the van in on a mid size car, but the thought of Dustin next to the kids in the back seat and the thought of a car payment made me gag a little. I had to choose AC over this summer's vacation. I scheduled it for the following week.

So Friday I dropped it off and about one hour later I get a call from the service department. Guess what? They found another hose that was bad and all in all it cost me almost $1200. Crapola.

So, first we were going to Cali and then we couldn't because Robert's sister isn't going to be there. Then we were ammending our trip and doing a shorter route out west and then swooping down and including Georgia. Then we discussed New York and Washington DC. Now . . .





Suck! I hope I can eeeek out a short weekend trip at least once this summer and maybe some camping.

I hate being an adult.


Torina said...

That sucks. No vaca for us either this year because of money-issues and my stupid stupid stupid health. So I feel for you. Damn you AC.

Carol said...


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

That sucks!!! I had to drive a car with no a/c a few years back and I would freeze a water bottle and hold it on my head. Cheapo a/c ha ha.
No vacation here either this year. Only one job, one functioning car, no adoption tax credit thingy, etc.
You could drive to Green Bay in your a/c and camp in my yard if you want. No need to reciprocate.

Lisa said...

Damn. There I said it. That just stinks. About the vehicle. And the fact that I'm getting shorted a visit. Yeah...being totally self-absorbed here. Ugh

JR - A Green Eyed Gurl.... said...

My air conditioning is out in my car too. It totally sucks. I literally melt in heat and get really WITCHY!

On the bright side of no vacation...we haven't had a vacation in years. This summer we have made our own little "hillbilly haven" in the backyard with my landscaping projects, we moved the portable firepit out by the two trees by the pond. We strung paper lanterns between the trees and the boys put their tent up and camp out and we all sit around the fire. We are loving it. The kids invite their friends over and neighbors meander over for a bit, its very relaxing and great fun!

Jo said...

That does suck mightily! But I am with you, summer in Utah is horrific without AC.

FosterAbba said...

You are absolutely right that being an adult sucks. I don't think we are going to get a vacation this summer, either, partially because of money issues, and partially because I'm working lots and lots of overtime.

Go figure, one would think that if we were working OT, we'd have more money, but it seems like we are working extra just to stay keep up.