Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Goodness . . .

So, we are going to a birthday party tonight. ALONE. No kids. Yay! (love you mom!) I wanted to take something and I really wanted to make this cereal toffee things I do, but Robert bought light butter and well, it didn't work out. It is salvageable for the kids, but not for a party. I found these little pretzel rods that are wheat and I love them. I had some melting bark and some Welton Melts left over so I made these FAB little dipped pretzels. I used non-pareils (which are my fav!) and them I did walnuts too. Yumm! (this plate is a large platter, I think I made enough for an army!)

I had to include a picture of the CUTEST soup mugs I got at the Goodwill this morning on 50% off day. Aren't they gorg? And 50 cents a peice!

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