Sunday, May 17, 2009

Take two . . .

Where am I? ER you say? BINGO. Twice in one weekend. Dustin is still vomiting and not keeping ANYTHING down. He began complaining today of severe side pain. Remember this is the child who doesn't typically feel pain. He cannot walk upright yet he cannot bend completely over. The fever has returned. I called the pediatrician this afternoon and he was very concerned that he may be having appendicitis.

So here we are again. We were concerned that he may have to go into "sugar-ry" (as he calls it) so I dropped the littles off at my mom's and Robert and I are both here at the hospital. Right now they are running tests. The poor boy is miserable. The Zofran has kicked in and at least he is not vomiting anymore.

By the way, the ER doc came in and said, "Hey! I know you!" and I said, "Yes, I belong to marble boy". What are the odds in a large hospital that I would get the same ER doc? Apparently pretty good.


Torina said...

I hope your little man is okay!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Oh no, I hope he gets better! Yuck!
Its not the... you know what... pink with a curly tail?
Poor guy!

Eos said...

oh no...hope he gets better soon