Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Anyone deal with this . . .

Dustin cycles through behaviors.

We have . . .

1. The torment the animal phase. It is just what it sounds like. He steps on the dogs feet, pulls her tail, kicks her, throws stuff at her. He is particularly fond of throwing things at her that will stick to her fur. He grabs the cat and won't let him go. He holds him around the neck so the cat cannot get away. He has been known to stick the cat down his pants so he can take him to another room to "pet" him. One time the cat got a new "do" with an entire bottle of hairspray. He doesn't save this for our furry friends, the birds get poked with long things like straws and sticks. He recently poured a coke over Caesar our African Grey. He has popped the heads off fish trying to give them "hugs". It is not a sensory issue, he torments.

2. The eat everything in site, hoard, steal, and/or gorge yourself stage. This one is currently having it's way at our home. Food gets stuffed under couch cushions, under things, in pockets. He saves cheese for later in shoes. He hides an entire box of fudgesicles under the bed for later. Chips and salsa are poured into a bowl and are left in the shower. You cannot have chips anywhere in the house during this stage if you actually want to eat them. We thought we had a fabulous hiding place in the laundry room . . . he just found it after success for 3 months. He doesn't just hoard, he eats 6 pudding cups at a time, leaving the sticky lids stuck to the walls going up the steps. He will eat 40 pizza rolls if not supervised and then will throw a huge tantrum in 30 minutes because we are "STARVING" him. We "NEVER FEED" him. He hates us and will tell everyone we are trying to kill him by not letting him have food. Good times.

3. The runaway or threaten to phase. He runs out of the house 2-3 times a day, sometimes just to the doghouse (it is huge - but it grosses me out and he knows it). Or every time we say something he doesn't like he says, "I'm outta here!" or my favorite, "I should've picked a different family!" You need to strategically place yourself between him and the escape route every moment of the day so you can grab clothing as he tries to push past you to get to the door. This one is escalating to actually running and hiding, hence the police visit last week.

4. The "I do not want to eat anything except pizza rolls" stage. Hello, how many bags of pizza rolls can one kid eat. Not so much a behavior issue except when I limit his pizza roll consumption and/or run out and then there is hell to pay!

5. I want this, no I don't this stage. Dear sweet Lord, my least favorite. (although they all are my least favorite while going through them)

D:Can I have a Pop-Tart Mom?
Me: Sure Dustin. (makes Pop-Tart) Here you go darling.
D: Why did you make me this! I hate Pop-Tarts! I don't want it!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Okay, put it away for later.
D: Can I have a bowl of cereal


D: Can I play the Nintendo?
Me: Sure.
D: I hate you for making me always play this stupid game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lather, rinse, repeat

6. The getting up in the middle of the night phase. This is the scariest one for me ever since I found an entire box of spent matches in the living room one morning shortly after he moved here. This one usually goes hand with the crazy overeating stage. Door alarms could quite literally be lifesavers.

Sometimes they last 2 weeks, sometimes 4 weeks. At least they don't happen at the same time for the most part. As soon as I think I can take no more, they usually dissipate and we are left to tend to another, yet different, cycle of crazy.


Lisa said...

Anyone in my household???? Never! Hardy har har har. Yeah...I know...I crack myself up.

Torina said...

Sounds awful. These days, we just deal with 5 and 6 on your list. My bane is the constant anger. And defiance. Drives me nutso. Maybe we can hook up in the sanitarium?

Pegleg said...

I don't know what to say other than, I don't know what to say. Love you!


Linda B. said...

We have a hard time with the pet issue. He really does love the cats, but ends up making them scream over and over by digging into them. And pulling out clumps of their hair. I wish they would give hime a good one back. I hope we are able to recognize each other in the sanitarium and not just drooling and stairing into space.

Sheri said...

I think they will recognize us in the Sanitarium as at least a "group" since we will missing most of our hair from pulling it out in clumps!

FosterAbba said...

We went through a milder "torment the animals" phase at our house, but the birds put a quick end to it. They just bit our daughter, hard. Fortunately, she was able to learn from the experience.

I'm sorry you are going through all of this.

Jo said...

The changing your mind every five seconds is killing me here. I HATE it. Drives me insane. Little Man is into frozen burritos right now. It was vienna sausages before that one.
Why isn't there the "I am the most obedient child on the planet" phase?

Mrs. Butter B said...

Sure have. A "nephew" (no blood relation, but child of family friends) had similar issues, starting at age 9ish, getting worse around 11ish, and diagnosed bi-polar at 13, diagnosed schizoaffective disorder at 15.

Not to sound pessimistic, but the tormenting animals is more than just an issue- its a major redflag for serious psych issues and a borderline personality. The other things can be neatly fit into the bi-pol swings common for children (adults cycle in bi-pol over a period of weeks or months typically, but kids cycle in hours or days typically).

Since you probably have NO clue who I am, I came here via Fosterabba's blog, which I found through Yondalla's. I've not read your blog yet (but now I have something to entertain me this long weekend LOL), but good luck to you.

Heck you may already know this diagnosis, I don't know. Guess I'll see by reading your history!

Mrs. Butter B said...

Forgot to mention, once nephew was diagnosed, and medicated, he did great. There's hope, btw.

Sheri said...

Hi Mrs. Butter B, I recognize you from Abba's and Eema's!

Dustin is FAS and suffers from schizophrenia. He is on "the mother of all anti-psychotics" and he has done really well. They were talking about residential and "non-adoptable" and most points in our joureny!

Welcome to the Rouse House!