Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today was a crazy day . . .

Today was a heck of a day. We had a 1 year old at daycare have a seizure. One child fell down and put their teeth through their bottom lip. Every child who ever had any behavior issues had one or more meltdowns today. Every staff member had a problem that needed solved. Every parent who walked into the office had an issue they needed dealt with. It was flippin' CRAZY! And Wendy's, who has perfect drive through service, forgot my nugget sauce AND my straw AND my sour cream. Zoinks!

It was also Dustin's birthday. He turned 14 years old today. We have now had him more than half his life. We went out to dinner with my mom, step-dad, and brother at a local mexican restaurant that is his favorite. He was pleasant and loving and very focused. My mom bought little cupcakes and he began to pop the whole thing in his mouth. I HAD to take a video.

Dustin and Nanny (my mom).

Dustin attempting to saw through the scotch tape on his gift from Nanny. It was painful to watch!

The Holy Grail of gifts for Dustin. . . PRINGLES!


Torina said...

Aw. He is such a cute kid. Tara turns 14 in February. I should try to do a movie of her. Maybe we could have the two of them try Internet dating ;-) Of course, Dustin is not in kindergarten so Tara wouldn't be interested (she is into younger men...a LOT younger).

Sheri said...

Dustin too likes younger women! He gets along well with 5 year olds because they are bossy enough to tell him what to do! LOL

Jo said...

What a day! Glad Dustin was the turnaround in the crazyness. Happy Birthday Dustin! Little Man watched the video with me, and very strangle insisted that Dustin was himself. We keep saying our kids are twins... weird.

Carol said...


You are the spittin' image of your mom! (You probably already knew that, but I had to say it - it's amazing!)

Happy belated birthday to Dustin!