Friday, January 16, 2009

A budget saver . . .

I love to read Postcards from Insanity. This week she was blogging about one of her vices. Her 4 year old daughter has a closet to die for. She is trying to change her shop-a-holic ways. Her daughter has clothes by designers I didn't even know existed. She spawned a conversation about how much parents spend on their children wardrobe. I mentioned Goodwill.

I don't know about the rest of the country, but Northern Indiana has the BEST Goodwill stores on the planet. They are pretty good about weeding out articles of clothing that are too worn or stained or ripped. Of course it takes time to go through the racks and bins of clothing but it is so worth it on a limited budget. The rack clothing is $2.50 and stuff in the bins is $.95. At least once every 6 weeks or so they have a 50% off sale on a Friday and Saturday. On days that are not 50% off they have great coupons on the back of a local grocery store's receipts.

My mom is a rabid Goodwill shopper. She probably stops at a Goodwill at least every other day. She has kept my kids in clothes and shoes for years now at such a phenomenal price that it has become her obsession. On 50% off days we usually try to hit all 5 stores in town. I stock up on good stuff that are too big and catalog them in the attic in bins for the next season or the next size change.

Today we went to 3 stores on a 50% off day. I was just in the attic this week and found that we are pretty out of options for McCartney. She has very little up there for the next size. I thought I would illustrate the kind of deals we get by listing what we bought today . . .

1 pair Guess capri khakis
1 pair of Children's Place jean capris
1 pair of snow-pants
1 pair of Candies tennis shoes with sequins and flower pattern
1 Arizona velour jacket that matches a pair of pants she already has
1 pair of snowman flannel pajama pants
1 Abercrombie T shirt
4 short sleeve polos from SO
1 short sleeve Mudd shirt
2 short sleeve Children's Place summer T's
1 short sleeve Energie T
1 short sleeve Old Navy T
1 Happy Bunny T
2 summer tanks from Circo
1 Children's Place mini skirt with shorts under
1 denim mini skirt
1 long gypsy skirt with cute sparkle trim
2 long sleeve knit shirts from Children's Place
2 pairs of Gap sunglasses
2 pairs of shorts
1 pair of Children's Place khaki cords
1 Children's Place dress

1 Old Navy Long sleeve polo
1 Old Navy short sleeve polo
1 Old Navy long sleeve shirt
1 Children's Place long sleeve plaid button up shirt

2 pairs of jeans (Levis and Lee)
1 long sleeve plaid shirt
2 long sleeve knit shirts
2 short sleeve T
1 summer tank
1 pair of Nike shorts
1 long sleeve Wes and Willy knit shirt

2 packages of kid hangers - 10 each
8 board books for the church nursery
1 leopard print CD holder
1 See-n-Say for the church

Grand Total : $43.05

Seriously. Why would you shop anywhere else? This is not even mentioning the LOADS of clothes my mom got for my nieces and nephews. We did all this in 4.5 hours. We rock!


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

wow, that is beyond amazing! Totally impressed!
I know a woman, with 6 kids, that buys up really low priced stuff from thrift shops and re-re-sells it in garage sales.
I read that post too, and I didnt know half the designers either.

Torina said...

I grew up on Goodwill. Unfortunately, the one that is in the town I live near isn't that freat (small and overshopped). BUT, we have a Plato's Closet which is where I get all of Tara's clothes. Same prices as any other thrift store BUT the clothes are all brand name teeny bopper clothes. Before Christmas, I got her 2 pairs of jeans, a new winter jacket, 4 hooded zippered sweatchirts, 2 sweaters, and 5 t-shirts...all brand-name for $44.

Sheri said...

Essie, I didn't mention that, but I participate in a kids clothing resale and I resell all the clothes from Goodwill at more than I paid. I usually sell almost all my stuff and make between $300-$400 twice a year.

Lisa said...

I need to come up there! Our goodwill stinks.

Hedgetoad said...

I live in pretty high poverty area and no goodwill. We do have a salvation army, but lord-luv-a-duck, no one should wear those clothes!

E-bay clothing lots... not as cheap, but pretty good!

JR - A Green Eyed Gurl.... said...

My sister found a brand new red suede Coldwater Creek jacket on half price day, so she paid $3.75 and the tag on it was $149. And guess what? It was for me and fits just perfect. I am a happy girl when I get to wear my red suede jacket!

Linda B. said...

Ooh I wish I could get deals like that. Bug cannot stand the smell of consignment or goodwill stores. I need to be sneaky about it if I do find something for her though. You need to write a booklet on how to do this right! I'm going to try to read more of your blog to get to know you better...loved listening to Slow Rider! Good song :o)

Sheri said...

Our Goodwill's don't really have a smell, our Salvation Army on the other hand is nasty. I wash everything in Tide and use Downy. Goes a long way to make things smell like home. As a bonus if my mom buys it she washes it for me too! I am spoiled!

Angie said...

Goodwill always rocks!

Jo said...

I love buying used stuff. Makes me feel like I am doing a good thing for the planet, along with helping my wallet!

Amber said...

Next time they have that 50% off best be reminding your "local" friends! :0)