Thursday, December 11, 2008

What more can go wrong . . .

Okay, so Robert informs me at 8:00 tonight that Dustin's morning meds are out. What you say? Was that you I just heard from across the country screaming Sheri? Yes, yes it was.

Okay. So it was a blessing in disguise. It made me get my whiny-ass, bitchy, pouty face (oh, I am so gonna get a lousy rating the next time I check that bloggy rating thing) out of the chair and have a change of scenery. I just about cried when I got in the cold van and drove to the pharmacy, but once there I decided to hit the Mart of Walls and go buy the Dark Knight. I left the Mart an hour later. Nothing changes your mood like Beatles music and a Cyndi Lauper remake late night at the Mart with obnoxious college kids running the isles and a cart full of unneccessary stocking stuffers (like the cutest punching/boxing santa, rudolph and frosty pens!). I was dancing in the isles in my fuzzy leopard ballet slipper shoes and my purple hair.

Seriously. I am in a far better mood. Screw strep.

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FAScinated said...

You must be sick, Sheri. The Mart of Walls never-ever-ever puts me in a better mood!