Thursday, December 11, 2008

Strep 3, Rouses 2 . . .

Here's the rundown. Sheri wishes for death on Tuesday. Robert comes down with Strep on Wednesday. Dustin comes home from school today whiny and crying about some random thing. When I asked him why he was so upset he says "Cause my throat hurts when I yawn, REALLY BAD". Okay son, how about when you shout at me?

So, we are three with Strep and two littles who have yet to get the wretched throat ailment. Please, O God, pleeeeeease, no more Strep. We now have enough Amoxicilin in the house to stave off cholera in the an entire third world country. I have no idea what that means . . .

Anyway, it is a rare thing indeed when Dustin gets sick. Okay, let's explain. It's not that he doesn't get sick, but he typically doesn't know it. Remember the lessened pain receptors that make him CONSTANTLY hungry? They don't always allow him to feel sick. It must be a wicked case of strep if he is actually sick enough to complain. He is fevering and miserable, but it still is not curbing his CONSTANT hunger. Tonight it is driving me batty!!! Let me break it down for you . . .

He ate 7 chicken rings, 2 large scoops of oven baked macaroni, 2 giant rolls, 3 additional large scoops of macaroni for seconds, and the remaining chicken rings his sister did not eat. Oh, and 2 juice pouches, a glass of apple juice and 2 glasses of water.

Here's what I've heard for the last 15-20 minutes:

Mom, I'm hungry
Mom, are you gonna eat that?
Can I have the rest of the macaroni?
Hey, I want an orange!
But, I'm hungry!
I'm starving.
Oh, my stomach. (crossing his arms over his belly and bending over)
I'm just hungry.
You never feed me. (with an added "Hrrmph" like little girl)
I am gonna die. (at top decibels)
You don't even care if I'm hungry.
Mom, can I eat that food on the floor?
Dad, mom is starving me.
(singing) hungry, hungry, hungry
(chanting) starving starving STARVING
(crying) my stomach is killing me!
You are dumb, I'm hungry
Mom, can I have a snack?
Mom, I am sooooooooooooooo hungry.

It is not stopping! Typically if I ignore I can stave off the whining. Or I can bribe him with a snack from "the basket" if he will be quiet for a time. Not tonight momma! I think I'm actually gonna have to leave before I blow up.

Wait. Shhhhhh. It has stopped for the moment. He just looked at me and glared like he knew I was telling you this. But, it has stopped. Mercy. Oh wait, there's the little Hrrrmph and a knee smack. And now, my favorite when he claws at my leather furniture making this horrible wolverine sound.

Oh Lord, I HAVE to be well enough to go to work tomorrow because I know I am not well enough to stay home.

Well, I'm off to clip some fingernails, wanna help?


Anonymous said...

Oh Lord. That sounds like hell. I feel for ya. Hugs. Good luck!

Lisa said...

It's like fingernails on a blackboard. You want to go screaming into the street like a crazy woman.
Glad the mart of walls gave you some chuckles.